Frankie: "Our story begins a long, long time ago, in a freaky and fabulous place. Gigi, the genie of the lantern, was racing to stop her shadow sister, Whisp, from doing a great evil."

Gigi: "Hurry, Fawn! We have to get you to the mirror room before she finds you."

Whisp: "Gigi, my sister."

Gigi: "She's found us! Hurry!"

Whisp: "You have something of mine."

Gigi: "Whisp, leave Fawn alone!"

Fawn: "Uh, hello? Who are you talking to?"

Gigi: "Quickly, in here."

Whisp: "The finder of the lantern has one wish left. And she will wish the shadow genie all powerful!"

Fawn: "Wish the shadow genie all powerful. Wait, why did I just think of that?"

Gigi: "You must resist. The wish is yours to make. Whisp's influence over you has grown way too strong. Grimm's magic mirror will show you who you really are."

Whisp: "Too late, sister, her thoughts are mine and so is her wish."

Fawn: "Grant all power to the shadow genie."

Gigi: "Fawn, do not be influenced. *gasp*"

More coming soon...